When you're in a Ford Bronco Sport, you can have some fun. This SUV is ready for adventures, and better yet, it comes with numerous driver-assist systems that can work to keep you safe on Gruver roads.

Every new model at Gruver Ford has pre-collision braking and automatic emergency braking. These features can reduce the chances that you'll hit a vehicle or a pedestrian in front of you. Blind-spot and rear cross-traffic alert are also standard, and they do a great job of providing you with valuable information about other vehicles that may be hard to spot.

The Bronco Sport's safety package can be upgraded with a few extra systems, such as adaptive cruise control and evasive steering assist. Evasive steering assist can engage if it seems like you're about to hit the vehicle ahead of you, even when you've hit the brakes. It can provide steering support to help you steer out of harm's way.

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